With Hush, I see the potential to create the next Barstool x Playboy media conglomerate. Dave Portnoy is going to be hopping on middle aged male, he has nothing on my gusto and Playboy hasnt even tried to keep up with the times. A DJ who has a drinking problem and love for the girls who is ripe for getting cancelled by the internet is currently manning this field amazing over ⅓ of Barstools tiktok following in under the past year, with engagement that puts barstool to shame. Check out this side by side. 

Baddies has 37.2M views in the past 6 videos.

Well lets take a look at the top influencer on the entire app.

Her past 6 videos have done 53.5M… being over half that is insane. Well ok, of course sex sells how about looking at the top “Sexy” tiktokker.

Posts that would cost tens of thousands of dollars from people are now willing to be made for free. Every leg below the top Hush entity feeds each other. For example onlyfans shoots will promote lingerie, and bikinis. Hush Hits music will be used by influencers and models. Joey Reed has a sponsor who was paying him 15k for a video, they say he was at this house and offered 30k if he films it here. The houses makes each video our influencers film here more viral which makes what they're promoting more viral. For any 12-25 year old this is the most famous house in America to them, besides the White House.


We will create a funnel for the attention economy coming through here, as well as capitalize off the limitless amount of human capital willing to be involved. People want to be a part of something great and we can really leverage on that. 

          To start, it’s a full focus on Hush Management. Which will act as the fastest cash driver. At the end of the week we will have signed our 7th person and have, without any increase of our managed members, be claiming over 100k in ARR.

          This leads me into the next arm of Hush. In my meeting with Nathan Latka, I went over my Tadpool idea which he loved because he has been doing something similar, in regards to a talent agency for entrepreneurs. We will be offering to build influencers brands. Partnering with them where they are just a face for raising capital. Ass is already a product some of them are selling but it’s attached to them at the hip, literally. Building OF models and influencers passive income streams that last and operate past their lifetime.

          Hype drives money into investments. I mean David was able to raise at a 200m evaluation for an idea that was not even that great.

          The signs are right in our face that creators who have captured attention are capturing markets, the Mr. Beast burger, Travis Scott McDonalds burger, Charli Dunkin Donuts, Jay Balvin Burger. The largest chains have hopped onto this movement.

          The best part about creator backed businesses is the component of audience is already there. Any business must pay to capture people’s attention and hope that the content they make has the people’s attention. Creators not only have a direct audience, but their audience is directly inclined to care a lot more when THEY are the owner behind the business. 

Video About Bryce Hall and Ani with an Advisor talking about Audience First Businesses at 26:16

The top comment speaks truth too “bryce learned what no tiktoker knows yet........... clout expires fast.”.

The reason the Kardashians were able to hold their keep on the fame market was by building real brands, infinite games, that transpired themselves. It markets their personal brand while generating income. It locks in their fame into the real world by having real products that people can enjoy and care about and provides a massive stream of wealth. Hush Accelerator’s goal is to work with multiple young creators who have already claimed fame, to not only monetize that fame and make their own validity increase and making them a resource outside of themselves that can generate wealth, but to do it with OPM (Other People’s Money). Latka took me through the process of how he takes a budding entrepreneur invests in them, then applies credibility behind them (in form of magazine, interviews, articles) in order to help them raise higher funding in the marketplace immediately inflating his investment. 

          The creators we would be working with already have the clout, attention, and credibility. They just have not opened their minds to the amazing world of raising capital for a true venture idea. And by having clout of our own, we have the ability to not only have them work with us in doing so, but get an extra special deal. The same way people on Shark Tank will give a better deal to one of the Sharks. Theres no reason we wont produce the content from this into its own form. Creating content with the influencer that they can share with their fans, of the struggle and process of building a brand and business. And for the side of the girls with OnlyFans, if the men are willing to throw thousands to the girl to gape her asshole. Imagine she send a free video with her tits out explaining the business idea shes had since she was a kid that she wants to fund.

          What this house gives is an almost infinite resource of human capital and direct access into some of the largest people in the attention economy. If we actually advertise something people are going to want to show. Hush will fund fanatic a-list red lips themed parties. Red lip checker at the door with a color checker, if it’s not red enough they have to use a hush lipstick (this is good content). Or they get one at the door and have to apply it. Make the event known and exclusive. And while I operate this business and devote myself to celibacy you can take all the Hush Hotties to Temple of Light Tulum. Now thats how to impress the people who come over.

          “Hush Hour” is a content idea I devised in order to get multiple different pieces of formatted content from models and influencers done fast, and award them with 1 share of the company at the end.

-make a custom hush shirt design or embroidery that they then wear

Make a custom Hush Swimsuit

Photo with the Hush Puppy in Red Room in Party Area

Photo with full Hush Merch With Hush Finger Up (We print these polaroids and make a wall out of them)

Take a leap Jump off above the hollywood sign

Warm back up with Hush Scanner (looks like star trek scanner using steam room and lazer)

After getting deep in the pool, now that theyre wet and ready to get prodded, do Podcast called “Lets Get Deep” In podcast room

Photo with CEO In front of Neon Sign with Hush Fingers Up And Holding up Hush Share Certificate

If theyre above 500k followers meeting in Movie Theatre about Hush Accelerator (more on this later) .

We will have a total of 10 million shares, at our 12m evaluation, and let people know when we’re a trillion dollar company that’s over 100k. This also opens up opportunities for these young people who are pretty flush with cash, to actually invest their real $ into the corp, which are perfect people to have on board.

          Hush is an infinite game, and with it I have infinite ideas. Dave Portnoy has nothing on my drive and vision and it’s obvious the organization has held to its roots and is not pushing to expand. I mean on tiktok they made barstool sports and took over their instagram following by over 4 million. But for every school, they grabbed the accounts and dont even have people posting on them.

For the account they actually posted videos for its doing insanely well with over 13.1 million followers. 

          With this house the marketing majors at every school will be fighting to be working on these accounts. And see how this type of content does when it’s actually taken care of.

          We will take what already works, and make it slightly horny. Colleges are a perfect place to recruit for our OF agency as well. The younger generation which has grown up in the age of Iphones is much more open minded to the ideas of not working a 9-5 by showing art in the form of their human body. Hush is here to open minds and free spirits. The Hush girls at each college can collaborate with our marketing majors in order to produce content at the schools if not enough is being made already. Our Hush girls can go around campus in Hush Cheerleading outfits and interview people about their view of Onlyfans. 

          At the house we will produce naked Mr. Beast Style Content, posting the videos of the beginning and having an OF page for people to sub to if they want to see the full content.

If you can’t see yourself working with someone for life, don’t work with them for a day. – The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

“Don’t be afraid to start over again. This time you’re not starting from scratch. You’re starting from experience. 

          The barstool of slightly horny vibes

“If you can’t see yourself working with someone for life, don’t work with them for a day.” – The Almanack of Naval Ravikant 

Slightly Worrisome to me is this quote. Originally I was down to pay with large portions of equity because my role in the company was going to be take girls and delegate messaging and distribution to my team. Now the plan I have is far far grander. And the team members with large stakes no longer look as pretty.

Hush – Hold Back Your Judgement 

Hush – Breaking the mold to open minds and free spirits

We can have 20 people living in, I mean there’s a reason there was a bunk bed left here.

The office spot is going to hold 2 bunk beds. 4 places. Our total cost is mainly in food, and by having the people recruited be crafted for vibes, it will be worth it. They will be here to work 24/7, people are easily sold on this dream, rich is not getting paid, he is giving his sweat equity because he knows it will be worth it. This is not only a chance for them to get out to LA but to tap into the life they’ve watched endlessly and live in the most famous home that exists in there eyes. 

There are people literally begging me after I made those posts. 

The cost of $750/m for $3-8k worth of human labor value is an instant win. 

Given they become fully dedicated employees. Because they have an inspiring CEO who doesn’t drink and is dedicated directly to the communal success of the operation the model works 10x better. Alignment of interest, if your culture doesn’t breed wanting to work for it all night it needs to be led differently.

I want to give shares to the employees who are staying here on the bunks, a total cost of $750 with a 3-8k ROI per person.

8 spots: 

Bunk 2nd floor

Bunk 1st floor office area 

Bunk 1st floor office area 

Bunk wine cellar 


Our cost per person: 

$750/month. Food + Utilities 


Our Gain: 3-8k per person


Average 5k each – 750

$4.25k * 8 people * 12 months 


408k free value human capital.